Carlos Ruiz and his son Jorden. Photo by EJ Harris.

Here’s my profile of a single dad who’s used CAPECO‘s housing services to get a leg up. His toddler was a ridiculous ball of energy!

On a warm, still summer evening, 2-year-old Jorden tumbled around the grass in front of his family’s apartment building. Clad in denim shorts and a Cars baseball cap, the exuberant toddler whirled around, giggling with delight.

“I wish I didn’t have to go to work,” said his father, 41-year-old Carlos Ruiz. Ruiz works nights at Walmart, and wishes he had more time for his sons. But after two years of looking for steady employment, he’s grateful to have any job at all.

Read the full story. Thanks to CAPECO and Marci McMurphy for helping me with the contacts for this story! You can find out more about the Moving Forward housing program here.